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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Prizma - Moje čudne žene

(P) 1979 ZKP RTV Ljubljana SD 0228

a1 Moje čudne žene / Zagreb '79
(D. Kocjančič - D. Levski - Prizma/D. Žgur)
Date: 10 10 79

b1 Sidro
(D. Kocjančič - D. Mislej - Prizma/D. Žgur)
Date: 10 10 79

On February 3rd 2013 one of the most respected Slovenian pop/rock composers Danilo Kocjančič died of cancer after a long struggle with the disease. Great musician, he was a member of many Slovenian rock and pop groups, most notably Kameleoni, Prizma and Bazar. This is the last of their 7" singles from 1979 with two songs sung in Serbo-Croatian language. Slovenian version of "Sidro" was a big hit in Slovenia.

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