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Monday, April 29, 2013

Gabi Novak - Dugo me ni bilo

(P) 1971 Jugoton SY-21879

a1 Dugo me ni bilo / Krapina 71
(Arsen Dedić - Drago Britvić)
Festival "Kajkavske popevke Krapina 71
Druga nagrada - "Srebrna zipka" revije "Studio"
Tamburaški orkestar
Aranžer i dirigent: Vladimir Mutak
Date: 29 9 71

b1 Butterfly
(Danyel Gerard - Arsen Dedić)
Zabavni orkestar
Aranžer i dirigent: Arsen Dedić
Date: 29 9 71

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Elvira Voća - Samo usne

(P) 1974 Jugoton SY-22548

a1 Samo usne
(E. Voća - D. Britvić - S. Mihaljinec)
Zabavnim orkestrom RTZ dirigira S. Mihaljinec
Date: 22 1 74

b1 Kada zaboraviš
(M. Doležal - M. Doležal - S. Mihaljinec)
Zabavnim orkestrom RTZ dirigira Z. Černjul
Date: 22 1 74

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Energetski šok in Rifle - Tofova energetska plošča

(P) 1982 ZKP RTV Ljubljana SD 0295

a1 Energetski šok
(T. Fornezzi - I. Umek)
Date: 22 11 82

b1 Varčevalnica
(T. Fornezzi - I. Umek)
Date: 22 11 82


Here's a special deal for lovers of old satire. Back in the eighties the crew of Moped Show was extremely popular in Slovenia. Mastermind behind them was Tone Fornezzi-Tof - one of the most satirical comedians in ex-YU. He used to mock out of everything, especially the regime and its representatives. Here's one example, quite apropriate for early spring days, when it's easier to laugh about jokes on energy crisis.

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