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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mišo Kovač - Za tvoju ljubav sve bih dao

(P) 1970 Jugoton SY-1571

a1 Za tvoju ljubav sve bih dao
(Đorđe Novković)
"Vaš šlager sezone" - Sarajevo 70

b1 Tužno srce moje
(Đorđe Novković)
"Zagreb 70"

Zabavni orkestar i Kvartet "Melos"
Aranžer i dirigent: Stipica Kalogjera

Seven-incher with a rather interesting back cover. There you'll find Mišo Kovač (his last name meaning "Smith") dressed and equipped as a smith forging his another "Gold record". Of course, with a mandatory cigarette in his mouth. How cool can you get???
Quite apropriate post for today's international Labor Day.

Kovač "Zlatnih ploča"

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