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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Noćna smjena - Stojim na uglu

(P) 1980 Jugoton SY-23688

a1 Stojim na uglu
(Z. Halapir - T. Mihelić - Z. Viceban)
Date: 9 07 80

a2 Vrtlog
(Z. Halapir - T. Mihelić - Z. Viceban)
Date: 9 07 80

Dvostruka A strana
Tekstovi: T. Mihalić
Muzika: Z. Halapir
Producent: Petko Kantardžijev-Mlinac
Muz. urednik: S. Škarica
Design & photo: A. Zelmanović

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vrijeme i Zemlja - Kako da ti priđem (Vesna)

(P) 1980 ZKP RTV Ljubljana SD 0264

a1 Kako da ti priđem (Vesna)
(Nenad Bačić-Eno - Vladimir Korenić - ViZ)
Date: 3 10 80

b1 Ne budi luda
(Nenad Bačić-Eno - Nenad Bačić-Eno - ViZ)
Date: 3 10 80

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Zdravko Čolić - Ti si bila, uvijek bila

As you might have noticed in the last few weeks, YUkebox has gone through some changes. Mainly, I've been updating obsolete download links with the working ones, changing the audio player widget, and some other minor fixes. The plan is to update and unify all posts on this blog, and occasionally publish a new 7-incher from the YUkebox vault. Don't expect too much too quickly. There's not much time to spend, but I'll do my best.

The first new treat here for you is Zdravko Čolić's single record from 1976 with his song from Zagreb '76 festival, written by fantastic Kornelije Kovač. Enjoy.

(P) 1976 Jugoton SY-23141

a1 Ti si bila, uvijek bila / Zagreb '76
(K. Kovač)
Date: 22 10 76

b1 A sad sam ja na redu
(K. Kovač)
Date: 20 10 76

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