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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nela Eržišnik - Tetka Ika i huligani

Here's another release of our favorite comedian from ex-YU. This record was in a very poor condition, especially its cover. If anyone has a better scan, don't hesitate to send it. Until then Nela will have to remain "faceless". Also, check out the rest of her posts.

* Front cover for this post has been changed with a better one ... for your eyes only. Zip file scans remain the same. *

(P) 1970 Jugoton MCY-60

a1 Tetka Ika i huligani
(Z. Blažević)

b1 Marica - muzički stručnjak
(Z. Blažević)

Režija: Živko Canki

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First published on YUkebox: 29/06/2009

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Indexi - Plima

(P) 1972 Jugoton MCY-105

a1 Plima
(S. Kovačević - D. Popović - S. Kovačević)
Snimljeno u maju 1968.
Producent: Esad Arnautalić
Date: 19 12 72

a2 Povratak Jacka Trbosjeka i ostalog zla
(S. Kovačević - Ž. Altarac - S. Kovačević)
Snimljeno u oktobru 1972.
Date: 19 12 72

b1 Ugasila je plamen
(Fadil Redžić)
Date: 18 12 72

On this record, there's a bit misleading info about the first song "Plima". On the vinyl you can read the author of the lyrics is K. Kovač, when on the inside cover the lyrics were written by Davorin Popović. I believe the latter would be more accurate.

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First published on YUkebox: 14/10/2007