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Friday, August 31, 2007

Ditka Haberl in Ivo Mojzer

And another two songs from the famous "Slovenska popevka" festival. These two numbers are also a good example of Elza Budau's exquisite songwriting skills. Enjoy.

(P) 1976 ZKP RTV Ljubljana SP 10111

Samo nasmeh je bolj grenak / Slovenska popevka '76
(J. Privšek - E. Budau - J. Privšek)
Revijski orkester RTV Ljubljana
dirigent Jože Privšek

Poljubi / Slovenska popevka '76
(A. Soss - E. Budau - A. Soss)
Revijski orkester RTV Ljubljana
vokalna skupina "STRUNE"
dirigent Ati Soss

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