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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nela Eržišnik - Tetka Ika i huligani

Here's another release of our favorite comedian from ex-YU. This record was in a very poor condition, especially its cover. If anyone has a better scan, don't hesitate to send it. Until then Nela will have to remain "faceless". Also, check out the rest of her posts.

* Front cover for this post has been changed with a better one ... for your eyes only. Zip file scans remain the same. *

(P) 1970 Jugoton MCY-60

a1 Tetka Ika i huligani
(Z. Blažević)

b1 Marica - muzički stručnjak
(Z. Blažević)

Režija: Živko Canki

Mega | MediaFire

First published on YUkebox: 29/06/2009

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