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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Srbijanka Petrović i Dragan Marković - Poklon za rođendan

What a delightful post this is. Very appropriate for any birthday party. Play this to your girl, and she will, no doubt, end up in tears (or laughter). A very nice example of folk music from late 60's Serbia.

(P) 1968 Jugoton EPY-3894

a1 Poklon za rođendan
(Milovan Manojlović)

a2 Devojka i zvezde
(Milovan Manojlović)

b1 Selo moje
(Milovan Manojlović)

b2 Oprostiti nikad neću
(Milovan Manojlović)

Pesme iz Srbije pevaju Srbijanka Petrović i Dragan Marković
Narodni ansambl Antuša Gabrića

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