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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Krunoslav Slabinac 3

(P) 1974 Jugoton SY-22670

a1 Da sam tvoje riječi slušao majko
(K. Slabinac - A. Dedić - I. Kelemen)
Zabavnim ansamblom dirigira Vanja Lisak

b1 Budi to što jesi
(K. Slabinac - I. Krajač - arr. K. Slabinac)
Zabavnim ansamblom i zborom
dirigira Vanja Lisak

There were some misleading information on the record about the name of the song, the conductor and also about the authors of the song. I decided to go with the ones printed on the record sleeve, as they seemed more relevant. So, instead of "Da sam te slušao, majko" I used "Da sam tvoje riječi slušao majko". That's the way Krunoslav sings it at the beginning of the song.


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