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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


(P) 197x Helidon

Here's another one of those rare treats for you. How many times do you get to hear rocking monks? Now, be honest... Not many... These are some groovy monks singing and actually playing funky psychedelic tunes of mr. Dečo Žgur with mandatory sounds of church organ. Quite an interesting combination, dare I say. Especially the first and the last track. Check 'em out.

a1 Spoznanje
(Dečo Žgur - Vili Stegu - Dečo Žgur)

a2 Kadar zvečer
slow rock
(Gen Rosso - Ivan Likar - Dečo Žgur)

b1 Ti domača hiša
(Jože Tovšak - Jože Tovšak - Dečo Žgur)

b2 Molitev sv. Frančiška
črnska duhovna
(arr. Dečo Žgur)

Members of Minores:
Lojze Klemenčič - orgle, vokal
Stanko Zadravec - bobni, vokal
Franc Čuček - vokal
Milan Križan - vokal
Mihael Drevenšek - ritem, solo, vokal
Mirko Veršič - vokal
Julian Antolič - bas, vokal
Janez Žurman - vokal

Umetniški vodja - Dečo Žgur

Again, this is one of those records that cannot be dated. Presumably it was recorded sometimes in the mid seventies. This one also comes without any label classification and serial number.



  1. Wonderful! Thank you so much.

    I collect all the (very few) Gen Rosso's covers of that period, and Track 2 (Kadar zvečer) is a cover of the Gen Rosso song, "Maria", which is from 1967, but you're probably right saying "early 1970s", because of the sounds.
    I have another Yugoslavian 45RPM which features another band of monks, performing another Gen Rosso cover, and it shows a 1972 date.
    If you're interested, I can make you an mp3, but I'd prefer to keep them offline.

  2. Of course, I'm interested. Please send to
    Yugoslavian records from that period had a bad habit of not including all necessary data on the cover. Sometimes the original authors of the songs were easily left out, so consider yourself lucky to locate this Gen Rosso cover. :)
    In any case, thanx for the info about this track.

  3. Link ne radi.
    Molim obnovu.