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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ivo Fabijan 2

(P) 1978 Jugoton USD-478

a1 Moj prijatelj Fokus
(I. Fabijan - I. Fabijan - N. Kalogjera)

b1 Moj prijatelj Fokus
(I. Fabijan - N. Kalogjera)

This seems to be some kind of a promotional record for Fokus review. It was carried out by singer Ivo Fabijan and composer Nikica Kalogjera. I'm not familiar with it, therefore, if anybody knows something about it, please leave a comment. Judging by its record cover and the lyrics, it must have been some sort of yugoslavian National Geographic. On the record there are two versions of Moj prijatelj Fokus (My Friend Fokus), one of them being an instrumental. This single will fit just right into "Marketing" section.



  1. Da to je bila revija FOKUS i ovo je ocigledno reklamna pesma i bas ti hvala jer ovakve stvari znas da skupljam. Pozdrav!