Monday, March 28, 2011

Pro Arte - Jedna mala plava

This has already been published on YUkebox as one of the first posts back in 2007. I've done a complete new rip and cover scan, so I can bring you this magnificent single in all its glory.

(P) 1975 Suzy SP 1084

a1 Jedna mala plava / Beogradsko proleće '75
(Đ. Novković - Đ. Novković - R. Ruić)
Dirigent: Đ. Novković

b1 Stavi ruke oko struka mog
(Đ. Novković - Ž. Sabol - R. Ruić)
Dirigent: R. Ruić

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First published on YUkebox: 4/10/07

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